With tenacity and determination, the people of Riyadh have built a city that has endured many changes, that keep advancing year by year and embraces those to come. Having grown from mere thousands to more than seven million in only a few decades, Riyadh’s people have witnessed the beauty awaiting the other side of adversity.

This formidable city builds its people up and is prepared to navigate an unprecedented future.


Riyadh is the capital of a young and growing nation. Riyadh is a safe, secure and stable economic environment for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large corporations. Riyadh is the beating heart of a thriving economy, preparing itself for the future of job creation and governance, echoing the success of those who live there.


Riyadh seeks to be a national and regional reference and driving force, leading by example. The city is energized by a young generation of passionate and ambitious leaders, with an eagerness to build a city for the future, a city grounded by the resilience of its people.

Riyadh is ready to welcome others to take part in an urban evolution, together.​

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