Riyadh is preparing itself for the future of job creation and governance to be able to enable and promote growth in skills, talent and businesses. Riyadh provides its people with the environment and tools necessary to succeed while fulfilling their dreams, now and in the future.


Riyadh is the capital of a young and growing nation. Riyadh is a safe, secure and stable economic environment for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large corporations. Riyadh is the beating heart of a thriving economy, preparing itself for the future of job creation and governance, echoing the success of those who live there.


We care for ourselves and for one another, nurturing relationships with familial values. Riyadh places an intentional focus on creating for its people a safe environment, instilling a sense of trust in their city, in themselves, and in their future. Riyadh is a continually, rapidly, growing support system for local and global citizens alike.

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